2019 Annual General Meeting

2019 Annual General and Special Meeting

Below are copies of proxy materials and any proxy voting instructions for Vista Gold Corp.  Materials in .pdf format can be viewed by downloading the free Adobe Reader.

Thursday, May 2, 2019, at 10:00a.m. (PDT)
Borden Ladner Gervais LLP
Suite 1200, 200 Burrard Street
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Registered shareholders can attend the meeting in person and, if they choose not to vote by proxy as provided below, vote their common shares at the meeting.  Although beneficial shareholders may not be recognized directly at the meeting for the purpose of voting common shares registered in the name of their broker, agent, trustee or other intermediary, a beneficial shareholder may attend the meeting as a proxyholder for a shareholder and vote common shares in that capacity. Beneficial shareholders who wish to attend the meeting or have someone else attend on their behalf, and indirectly vote their common shares as proxyholder for the registered shareholder should contact their broker, agent, trustee or other intermediary well in advance of the meeting to determine the steps necessary to permit them to indirectly vote their common shares as a proxyholder.

Once you have reviewed the above proxy materials, if you are a registered holder, you may access a proxy card online by logging on to www.proxyvote.com and entering the control number and account number provided to you in the notice previously mailed to you.  If you are a beneficial holder who holds common shares through an intermediary (a broker, bank or other nominee), you must vote your common shares pursuant to the voting instructions provided to you by such intermediary.